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About Us

Square 1 Gear believes it all starts with the core. If your body’s core is not comfortable, the rest of your body and mind are not either. Square 1 Gear has worked to find solutions to help mitigate heat situations for those working or playing in the outdoors. With increasing record heat, it is important to hydrate and cool your body to ensure that heat exhaustion or illness does not limit your work or play. The variety of cooling systems we offer mitigate heat stress and keep you comfortable through the cooling release of ice, chilled water, or evaporative cooling, whichever is more suitable for a high temperature environment.
Whether it’s outdoor construction, medical or therapeutic, biking, motorcycle rides or even to keep your dog comfortable, our light weight personal cooling systems are proven to work in the hottest temperatures. In fact, several paver operators used the compressor system and were ecstatic that they ended their day “sweat free” when temperatures reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit on a paver. Many multiple sclerosis users had never experienced a system so effective and long lasting.
In addition to cooling solutions, we also offer heating products to keep your body’s core comfortable in cold environments as well. We are excited to continue to get our products out to those who can benefit from them.